What is DMEconnected?

DMEconnected is an online medical Marketplace where vendors and medical sales reps can upload all their information to make it more easilly accessible for medical teams to find.

Is DMEconnected only for the Durable Medical Equipment industry?

DMEconnected works with several different types of vendors. We started with the durable medical equipment industry however, we have quickly started to include home healthcare companies, patient transportation, medical device manufacturers and more. Any vendor/company that markets to the healthcare industry should be a part of DMEconnected.

What guarantees will I get when I join as a Vendor or Medical Sales Rep.?

While nothing in life is a guarantee. We work with you to get as much information as possible and get it to referral sources. DMEconnected is not meant to replace how you market your company and services. As you know, referral sources go with the "path of the least resistance". Making your information more easily accessible improves efficiency in everyone's work flow. Ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Will I have to sign a contract?

There are NO contracts. Medical Teams: Sign up and utilize our medical portal for FREE. To get an Alexa device and enable Acacia (Voice Assistant) on your device is $9.99/month. To enable your existing Alexa device to use Acacia is $4.99/month Vendors and Medical Sales Reps: Pay an annual fee to be part of the Medical Marketplace & Acacia Portal Advertising opportunities are available on a quarterly/yearly basis.

Why does DMEconnected not offer any refunds?

For Vendors/Sales Reps: We believe we offer an affordable price for our services. We work with you to build out your information in our medical portal. Overall we save you marketing expenses used on printed materials, help your company get introduced to other referral sources, educate referrals on your products/services, and help grow your business. When referrals have quick questions about your company and services; we provide that information without them searching the web, paper documents, or waiting for a rep to call them back. For Medical Providers: We work with you to replace any Alexa devices supplied by us, if you experience any problems that is device related. We do not manufacture the Alexa devices.

What if I already have an Alexa device?

If you already have an Alexa device, we will send you a discount code to be used when you subscribe. Before you subscribe, email us at Once you pay your subscription fee then you will receive an activation code that can be used to enable Acacia on your existing Alexa device.

What type of privacy/protection does the Alexa devices provide?

We understand that privacy and protection is very important in this digital age. We have a closed cloud network that is not open to the public. Our admins work with vendors and medical sales reps to upload their infomation. The information that is supplied to us from our partners is public information about their company. We make it more easily accessible to our medical end-users. We do not manufacturer the Alexa devices. However, please follow this link to read about: Alexa Devices Privacy For any further questions or concerns. Please contact



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